WARNING: this post is going to be oh-so-very-triggery for victims of rape and sexual assault. I am not kidding.

Dear certain conservative politicians:

Hi! I’m a rapist. I’m one of those men who likes to force myself on women without their consent or desire and then batter them sexually. The details of how I do this are not particularly important at the moment — although I love when you try to make distinctions about “forcible rape” or “legitimate rape” because that gives me all sorts of wiggle room — but I will tell you one of the details about why I do it: I like to control women and, also and independently, I like to remind them how little control they have. There’s just something about making the point to a woman that her consent and her control of her own body is not relevant against the need for…

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Can’t Satisfy Her



A comment from the vid-

Some poor girls all over the world do this to try to MAKE IT. If they knew better, they would do better.

Its up to us, that have & are blessed, to teach and have merry on the poor.

NOT judge ! thinking u somebody better then the poor girl. Eh man would sell his ass just as fast, and that poor boy would do better, if he knew better !



A comment on the vid-

I’m so glad you tell your students to study him!! The woman i used to play duets with (Linda Senter, violinist, myself piano) studied Fritz Kreisler’s recordings during her many many years of lessons at the Cleveland Institute, and it shows because her tone is so very close to Mr Kreisler’s. I certainly hope all your student have taken and will continue to take your advise about listening to the old masters, it does make a HUGE difference indeed!